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What are the risks factors that come with engineers and the nature of the job that they do?


Engineers, no matter how good they are at what they do, could be sued for alleged professional negligence. Even though they do what is expected of them, there will always be clients who might feel that what these professionals have given is not enough; thus the case.


Incorrect advice that brought about inadequate results is also a risk factor for engineers. Because they are dealing with real life situations, whenever a client feels like the outcome is not what they have expected, they could claim for inadequate results; thus another potential professional case.


Lack of professional management could also be a problem. Although proper supervision is provided, some clients would feel that they got less than what they deserve. They’d be pushed to try out their luck by filing a case.


Poor work documentation could also lead the clients from making complaints. Without proper records, it would seem impossible for the engineer to defend himself, thus the best legal team should help him get through things


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